Saturday, 24 November 2012

Fruit fly research article

In the summer I met Mike Regnier, a science writer at the Wellcome Trust who had come to visit Manchester University and learn about our lab's work. He was a very friendly and interesting guy, as well as a science writer, he is also an occasional playwright.  He has now written an article which gives a good discussion of the research of Andreas Prokop's lab, in which I have worked over the last four years. He writes about why we choose to study nervous system formation in fruit flies, when studies can now be carried out in species much more closely related to ourselves, such as mice. As well talking specifically about our lab's work, he also gives a very nice general introduction to fruit fly research. So if you are interested in why fruit flies began to be used in the lab over a 100 years ago, the ways in which such studies have informed our understanding of human biology up to the present day, or how we practically go about using these tiny flies, then I highly recommend taking a look at this article.

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